The human behind AndySays


“Whilst I was having the time of my life teaching, I got the chance to interact with so many different work environments and age groups. I set off being a corporate teacher doing both group and individual training courses to managers and executives, meanwhile I was also getting younger students ready for exams like Ielts and Cambridge.”

New beginnings


“Year 2020 caught me completely off guard, within a 24-h timeframe I passed from being a full-time teacher to being unemployed. Right there and then I pulled my sleeves up, contacted all of my students and begged them to give me a chance online.

Luckily they all agreed and that was the beginning of my new career path. I was extremely surprised to see how engaged and relaxed my students were and the outstanding results they were achieving (some took Ielts, others FCE, CAE, PET, KET and even Flyers!). Hence, when the emergency ended, none of them wanted to get back to in-presence classes (including myself!), there was absolutely no point in wasting precious time in rush-hour traffic or on endless commutes, it was such a convenient way of improving one’s language skills. In no time word spread and I found myself in the dreaded position of saying NO to so many people and that is something I had never ever wanted to face.

This is the exact reason why AndySays was born, it’s my personal way of saying YES to every student who wants to learn English with me!”

I’m that kind of person who’s always up for a good challenge!

What can AndySays do for you?


Help you
acquire English

Mastering all the nuances of the language allows you to express yourself and your ideas assertively, whichever part of the world you may find yourself in.


Elevate your
Business English

From the boardroom to small talk with your clients, your English skills are the most powerful asset you can possibly own in today’s international business world.


At AndySays
quitting is not
an option!

With the right approach and, let’s be honest, the right teacher, you are certainly most likely to hit your targets, no matter how bold they may be.

Let’s Learn Together!


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